Why Read This Blog?!

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When we avoid or deny ourselves the opportunity to explore who we are and connect with ourselves on a deeper level we live a life that is controlled by other people, circumstances and unrecognized unmet needs that can go back to childhood. As we see all possible perspectives we become deeply connected to who we really are; we embrace who that is and become more empowered as we see our purpose more clearly.

Transformation is romanticized everywhere we look, online, on TV, in magazines... Don't get me wrong, I believe in transformation; I believe everyone has a greater self, a thing we call 'potential' deep inside of us and even if we don't, (or refuse to), see it someone in our life sees it. Our society's affinity with super heroes along with our ability to create online personas is evidence to our attachment to the idea of mankind's and our own greatest potential. This is a good thing. We all deserve to look at our greatest potential and it makes us better people when we hold ourselves accountable, dig our heels in, and do the work that it takes to get there.

What I don't see very much of is anyone sharing the realness of transformation. I see before, after, inspirational quotes from people who have "been there" and are able to use their hindsight to help motivate us and keep us going but how many people talk about how hard it can be? How lonely you feel when everything in your life changes and how hard it is to find people to connect with because you aren't your old self anymore but you aren't really sure who you are yet or who you're about to become.

That's why I started this blog, so that anyone wanting to change something in their life or anyone who is going through transformation or transition of some sort feels less alone and can find a sense of purpose or direction as they shift their life and perspectives.

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